Wednesday 25 March 2015

New treatment for Interstitial Cystitis

    As a GP I see many different problems. To-day I  would like to write about one special case that  came my way a year ago.
    A 30-year old English woman came to my office for a routine problem. She had come to work in Ireland  and somebody suggested to her  to have  me as her GP. I took a full  medical history too  and she told me about her  Interstitial Cystitis.  It started when she was 15 and  basically it felt like her bladder was on fire all day every day. She tried to have intercourse for the first time at 17 but the pain was so bad she decided never to do it again.
   She told me that she had attended numerous specialists in London and was in fact due to have her bladder removed soon after she came to see me.
   One of my special interests is LDN, lowdosenaltrexone, which is  excellent for chronic pain without having to use opiates. It also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. I suggestd that she should go on LDN, increasing the dose very slowly to a maximum of 4.5 mg  daily.
   She came back to me recently for the contraceptive  pill. The pain was long gone and she was in a regular relationship. She was still on the LDN and had no side effects at all. The cost is about a euro or a dollar a day.
  She may relapse and indeed she would be almost certain  to relapse without  LDN. It may not work for anybody else but that is very unlikely.  I found out since that some cases of this condition did not do well on LDN but if they increased the dose over weeks rather than days it should be effective in many cases. That situation arises too in fibromyalgia where it is very effective in many cases by increasing the dose very slowly. I have dozens of successful cases there.
   I thought it would be worthwhile to put this information on Interstitial Cystitis websites.I put it on four and expected it to be gone before long. All the information was gone within 24 hours . I am not surprised  as successful treatment for this condition could make the staff unemployed.
  I could be resting in the sun in the south of France or Florida but seeing cases like this give me enormous satisfaction and I will keep going  as long as my health lasts.

Sunday 15 June 2014

My Norwegian TV experience.

 In January 2013 I got a telephone call from TV2, the main commercial TV station in Norway. Somehow or other they had found out that I had considerable experience of a drug called lowdosenaltrexone (LDN). A neurologist from NewYork had discovered more than 20 years earlier that  a small dose, about 4.5mg of naltexone rather than the original  50 milligrams, could be used to treat numerous conditions which as a rule are difficult to treat.
It is particularly useful for auto-immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis,Crohns Disease and fibromyalgia  for example but it is used for dozens of  other conditons,even cancer and MS. Part of the programme was made here then and the rest was made in Norway. Amazingly 10% of the population saw it and the number of patients using it there has gone from 300 to over14,000 recently.
 I agreed to take part  provided that they would subtitle it in English and it has been on the internet since.  You can access it by going to the bottom of the first page of one of my websites at and get to it from there. In my main special interest (nutrient therapy in mental health/biochemical psychiatry) I change the lives of hundreds of  people every year and have even got  several patients with schizophrenia well enough to go to college and get a job.You can read about it at I am very privileged to have helped thousands of people where nobody else had succeeded,something I could  not imagine happening when I became a family doctor almost 40 years ago.